4571 – Assigned Work


Spring Plunger Assignment {Results}

Access Door Swing Problem

To Quiz:

Board up stairs. – A set of stairs has a rise of 8 inches and a run of 8.5 inches.  A .25 inch diameter hole is drilled 2″ from one side of a 2 x 8 (nominal) board that is 10′ long.  Where would this hole need to be located along the length of the board so it would hang at the same angle as the slope of the stairs if it were supported through the hole? Use CAD.

ASME 5.50 Model

Retention Knob Model

Fixture Design


Lathe Review Lab

ANSI Tool Signature

Carbide Insert Model

Engraving Cutter and Holder (worth 3x)

Hibachi Project

Sheet metal developments

Fluid Power Labs

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