Crane Rail


To demonstrate student ability to build a solid model that accurately reflects pre-defined geometry.

Requires knowledge of coordinate systems, sketching, expressions, constraints, extrusions.


Create a solid model of the crane rail shown below.  Extrude the sketch to any length.

The model you will do is based on your last name.

  • a-d:  Create model for 30 lb./yd
  • e-l:  Create model for 40 lb./yd
  • m-r: Create model for 50 lb./yd
  • s-z: Create model for 60 lb./yd
Save your work in your directory under a sub-directory named CRANE_RAIL.

Any sketches used must be fully constrained, and the model origin 0,0,0 must be the bottom center of the profile.

Your model must use expressions that have the same names as those used in the drawing (g,h, d, etc.).

You can omit the splice profile on the left side of the drawing.


  1. Unspecified large radius at the top of the rail is .250
  2. Unspecified small radii (3X) are .0625
  3. Omit dimension n
  4. If you are doing this: pdf, something is wrong.




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