NX Sharpie

Create a design that contains multiple arcs and line segments. It must be a recognizable (G-Rated) design. Use NX to program the toolpath based on sketch geometry.

The origin will be the lower left corner of the I-beam fixture shown below. The drawing area will be 6 inches wide (x) by 8.5 inches long (Y). The origin is the lower left corner of the paper (non-negotiable).

Position the MCS (G59) as shown in the photo above. The z zero level is the surface of the paper.

Use Tool Number 8, Offset 8 and G59

NOTE: Enter 59 as fixture number and the Postprocessor will output G54. This is a little non-standard, but it works for our purposes.

Create a tool using a center drill.

Use Planar Profile and Post-Process to TH-HAASvfbased_20190110

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