Thermal Separating

Required Watching/Reading

Oxyacetylene  Gas Cutting

Plasma Arc Cutting

Use AutoCAD to create a design to be cut on the plasma cutter.  Dimension of design is 12 x 12 inches.

SAVE YOUR DRAWING (use command: DXFOUT) as an R12/LT2 DXF No credit will be given for files not in this format.

Read and understand these if you want a good part:

  • Only AutoCAD entities will be cut.  If you simply paste an image into AutoCAD, there will be nothing to cut.
  • Avoid too much detail.  It is best to cut large, simple shapes.
  • Make each boundary a POLYLINE constructed of valid geometry.  You can convert geometry to a polyline using the PEDIT command.  Or you can convert a boundary into a polyline by using the BPOLY command.
  • The lines you draw will be cut out, so the dog below will be DECAPITATED.


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