The Antenna Club – Band List

The club where the Cure’s Robert Smith “One day hoped to go.”

Here’s a YouTube playlist of some of these bands.

Bands that played the Antenna Club during the first five years (1981 to 1986) as listed on the T-shirt.

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From the now gone historical marker:

The Antenna Club–”World Famous” and Family Owned Months ahead of MTV, the Antenna broadcast “Rock America” videos on five TV sets. They were turned on before and after live performances from such groups as The CrimeThe ModifiersTav Falco & Panther BurnsAlex ChiltonThe Randy BandThe HellcatsCalculated XJim Dickinson, Quo Jr., The Marilyns, and many others. Steve McGehee booked touring bands, such as R.E.M.The Replacements, and Black Flag before they became internationally known. The club’s array of music attracted a diverse crowd, and this family-run business kept them coming back. Steve’s brother, Mark McGehee, managed the daily business, and sister Robin McGehee worked the bar. Mark “Angerhead” Kallaher and Kenneth “Rebel” Weakley were the two doormen. The club was used for music videos, movie locales, and band reunions. It also is the subject of a 2016 documentary film, “Antenna.”

The Antenna Club–An Original Punk Rock VenueThe Antenna, otherwise known as “Memphis’s original punk rock club,” operated on this site at 1588 Madison from 1981 to 1995. Before The Antenna, nightspots under other names-“The Library,” “The Mousetrap,” “Detroit Rock City,” and “The Well”-were in business at this address. After the Sex Pistols performed in Memphis on January 6, 1978, “The Well” featured local bands as early as 1979 and it was the starting point for an underground music scene that The Antenna adopted and expanded. The Antenna opened on June 26, 1981,under the ownership of Steve McGehee, who would break new ground to elevate and energize the music scene in Memphis and place it on the national map and beyond. McGehee based the name of the club on television sets that had “rabbit ear” antennas. David Fisher designed the club’s logo.

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