4462 – CMM Lab 1


  • Familiarize students with the the purpose and function of a CMM machine
  • Develop an understanding of how CMMs define point geometry
  • Reinforce spatial visualization skills
  • Introduce students to the Dimensional Measuring Interface Specification (DMIS) language
  • Introduce students to PC-DMIS software


  1. Power up PC
  2. Power up CMM
  3. Make sure the E-stop is out by twisting it gently.
  4. Start the servos by pressing the “Enable Servos” button.
    • Hold it down until you hear the a “click.”
  5. Be sure your tool stack looks like the photo below and the probe points straight down.
    If it does not, SEE YOUR INSTRUCTOR.
  6.  Start PC-DMIS.
    • You will need to click “yes” at the dialog box that appears.
  7. Start a new program.
    • Be aware that PC-DMIS defaults to opening an existing file.  Cancel this dialog box.
    • Select INCH units.
  8. Select “Lab1 Probe”
  9. Click OK to home the machine
  10. Jog the machine by holding either “T” button on the pendant while jogging the joystick.
    • USE “TURTLE MODE” when within 3″ of the part.
  11. Ensure that the part is set up as shown here:
  12. Enable the “Measured Features” toolbar.
  13. Select “Guess Mode.”
  14. Probe a single point on one of the flat ends of the cylinder.
  15. Press “ENTER” on the teach pendant.
    • You should hear a chime.
    • A point entity should appear in the DMIS program.
  16. Move the probe to the other end and probe another point there.
  17. Now probe a series of 5 points on one end as shown:

    • If guess mode creates an entity other than a plane, delete all the points (and the entity) and re-probe.
  18. Modify the view to show that the two points lie on the two planes.
  19. Insert a distance dimension to find the distance between the two planes.
    1. The distance should be 3D
    2. The nominal value is .75
    3. The + tolerance is 0.001 and the minus is 0.001
  20. Save your file in the directory defined by your instructor.

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