TECH 3401 – Statics and Strengths of Materials

Force systems and their solution; that branch of mechanics dealing with forces and effects of forces including stress strain and deformation of bodies at rest; analysis of frames and mechanisms.

Course Outline

Homework Assignments

Course Introduction

  1. Introduction to Statics
  2. Vectors & Force Systems
  3. Analyzing Coplanar Force Systems
  4. Equilibrium of Force Systems
    • Test 1
  5. Trusses and Frames
  6. Friction
  7. Centroids
  8. Area Moments of Inertia
    • Test 2
  9. Strengths of Materials
  10. Material Properties
  11. Stress Concepts
  12. Torsion
    • Test 3
  13. Beams Loads and Reactions
  14. Stress in Beams
  15. Design of Beams
  16. Deflection of Beams
  17. Combined Stresses
  18. Columns
  19. Connections
    • Test 4

Course Documents

  • See

Statics Toolbox

Homework Assignments

Additional Information

CM Engineering Statics

Vector Lisp Routine

Calculus Grapher

Friction Video

CSU Chico Playlist/channel

Scratch Files



Course Documents

  • Green Engineering Paper

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