Part I

Create a model of the I section shown below. Use the bottom (simpler) section.  The section must be centered such that the center (centroid) lies at the origin of the model.

Create the following expressions: b, d, s, t.  Also create the expression h, but do not use it to generate any geometry.

The width (b) of the section must have a value that is half of the overall height (d). The flange (s) and web thicknesses (t) are equal and must be 1/8 of the width.

Extrude the section 3 times longer than the height (d).

Filename: LASTNAME_HW03.prt

Video (no sound)

Part II

Use the same file as in Part I, save your work from both parts.

Note: There is not a tutorial video showing how to enter the expressions for Area Moment of Inertia or Radius of Gyration.  You should be careful to assign applicable units to these values.  NX is very particular about units.  Hint for Radius of Gyration: Do this as three expressions: 1) an expression for the numerator, 2) an expression for the denominator, and 3) an expression to evaluate the square root [sqrt()] of the fraction.  If you remember how the radius of gyration is calculated you may find a shortcut has been made for you already. Pay attention to the units of each step.

Create expressions for the Area, Centroidal Moment of Inertia (Ixx), and Radius of Gyration.

Compare these to the section properties of the model itself.

Lecture Notes:



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