Red Bracket Flat Pattern

This bracket is used to secure a machine tool during shipping.

Reverse engineer this bracket to a reasonable tolerance (+/- 0.020).

Assume the inside radius is equal to the material thickness.

Calculate the bend allowance and produce a working drawing of the flat pattern. Include bend instructions (indicate the bend using hidden lines and include a leader with the following text:
“BEND UP __°”

Also, be able to provide a 1:1 paper printout of any part of your pattern.

Answer the following questions based on your prints.

  • What nominal metal thickness was the part constructed from? Look up sheet metal gauges to help you answer, and don’t forget to allow for the paint thickness.
  • If this part is to be made from a rectangular sheet of steel, what are the minimum dimensions of the rectangle?
  • What percentage of this rectangle is “drop” or waste?

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