Lathe – Canned Cycle with Excel

Make an Excel spreadsheet that will automatically generate G-Code to cut an ironworker punch with the following dimensions:

CT 219a

The user should be prompted for PO number, Punch diameter, and material.


  • The only variable is the punch diameter. Radius, length and other dimensions will remain the same.


  • The code must be in a single column.
  • The code must use a decimal point.
  • The number of decimal places must be 4.
  • The worksheet must be formatted in a way that makes good sense.
  • The worksheet must be protected.  The only editable cells should be PO Number, Punch Diameter, and Material.
  • The worksheet must not allow an invalid diameter to be entered.
  • Include date code:
  • i15 = Now()=”(“&TEXT(I15,”m/D/yyyy H:MM:SS”)&” REV “&C1&”)”


219 punch<–Note: Printout has error after tool change. Do not use code.

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