Bounding Boxes


To help students continue to develop mastery of parametric sketch-based modeling including constraints and reference geometry.


Design a plastic box that will hold three cylinders as shown below.

Create an expression called “CYL_DIAMETER”  and another called “CYL_HEIGHT.”

The wall thickness of the box should always be .25 inches.

The bottom of the box must be .25 inches thick.

The interior of the box should be the same height as the cylinders plus .100 clearance.

NOTE: The box will NOT be square.

Box 1 – Rectangular

Filename: LASTNAME_HW05A.prt

Video (no sound)

NOTE: Thickness should be .25 (Not .01 as shown).

Box 2 – Triangular

Filename: LASTNAME_HW05B.prt

Video (no sound)

NOTE: Thickness should be .25 (Not .01 as shown).

NOTE: in this version, the inside radius of the extruded box must match the radius of the cylinders.


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