01B Panel Mount


Create a 3D model of the panel mount.  The drawing should be based on a fully constrained sketch of a square, and the hole should be constructed as a hole feature (not an extruded circle).  Notes on design intent: The square shape may become rectangular in other configurations of this design, but the hole will always b centered.  There will always be one hole.  As always in this class, the dimensions on the print will be consistent with the design intent.  Your model must reflect this.

Filename:  HW01_UUID.prt
Where UUID is your own UUID . It is not your U-number. It is the first part of your email address.
NOTICE the “_” underscore.
REMEMBER: You will NOT receive credit for any exercise in this class if the filename is not correct.


  • Sketches are 2D entities.
  • Sketches are used (among other things) to create a boundary that can be made into a solid.
  • Sketches must be precise and accurate.
  • “Snaps” enable precise location of points.
  • “Quick pick” enables object selection where multiple entities overlap.
  • Design intent should drive sketch structure.
  • Keep things as easy to edit as possible.
  • Sketches (in my class) must be fully defined (formerly “constrained”).
  • Black curves are fully defined.
  • Brown curves are movable.
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