Cutter Compensation Assignment

Note 1: In this exercise, you will be programming a moving cutting tool around a metal workpiece.  Be sure your code is right!

Note 2: It is important not to use redundant information in this program.  In other words, if you are already at Y-2.0, do not use Y-2.0 in the next line (don’t repeat unnecessary information).

Part 1

Write a program to make the tool go in the following path.



  • Use the header from the maze program.
  • The Z level at the start and through the whole program is zero.
  • Notice where the origin is.  You must use the origin given.
  • Use the X and Y coordinates shown.

Part 2

Revise your program to turn on the cutter compensation.

  • Compensation must be turned on during the linear move from P1 to P2.
  • The compensation must be turned off during the linear move from p9 to p10.
  • Use tool 9, H9 and G59.
  • Before the first move, include this line to turn the spindle on: S1000 M03

Below is an example of how to turn on the compensation. NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE SAME TOOLPATH AS THE ASSIGNMENT!


Part 3

Revise your program to remove a sticker from a block of aluminum.

Start by moving the tool to a “safe” z value before going to point 1.

Use a Z value of -.450 for all points 1 through 10.

After reaching point 10, move the z to positive 1.000

Cutter Comp


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