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Part Families


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Part Families

Part families can be useful when it is necessary to produce several models that share common characteristics.  Generally, parts that are defined by “chart drawings” are good candidates for part families.

To use part familes, you need to create parameters that will define part geometry.  For instance, for a family of cylinders, you might define expressions called “DIAMETER” and “LENGTH”.

  •   Tools -> Expressions to create the parameters

Next, create a cylinder and use the expressions DIAMETER and LENGTH to define the dimensions of the cyinder.  You can enter any values for the parameters.  Be sure to assign units of length.

  •   Insert -> Design Feature -> Cylinder

Now, use the part family tool to create a spreadsheet to define the family.

  • Tools -> Part Families

Add columns for DIAMETER and LENGTH

Excel should load.  Enter values for the family of parts.

Notice that Excel now has an add-in called “part families.”  This gives you new Excel commands that will generate the family of parts through NX.


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