Design & Build roject – Solar Cooker


  • Law Curve
  • Part family
  • Produce a set of prints

Parabola Model

  • Parabola1.prt
  • Focus is 10.45 inches in Y
  • Xt= 41.82*t-20.91
  • Yt = 41.82^2/(10.45*4)
  • t = 1
  • Zt = 1

Layout Assembly (Create)

  • Video
  • Assemble in the Parabola
  • Link the outside of the curve with “Wave Geometry Linker”
  • Create a sketch of where the .750 dowels will go
    • Constrain to touch outside of curve
  • Create a sketch that will be the frame design.
  • Measure the frames and the hole locations

Working Drawings

  • FrameMember.prt
  • Create a series of working drawings of your design.
  • Use the template.  Use a part family to speed up your work
  • Check out View Breaks


  • Create CAD assembly of the entire cooker
  • Use the parts you created in the last step
  • Verify that the parts assemble correctly
  • Create a parts list and bubble each member


  • Your drawings will be given to another team and…
  • You will receive drawings from another team
  • Your team will make the parts based on the prints and then try to assemble them
    • If the parts do not go together, a penalty will be given to the team that made the error




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