Assembly & Mechanical Fastening


Reading Assignment

  • 34.2 Mechanical Fastening

Recommended Reading


Integral Fastening

Discrete Fasteners

Fastening Wire Rope& Electrical Cables


Two Major Types of Mechanical Fastening

  • Mechanical Forces (integral fasteners)
  • Mechanical (discrete) Fasteners

Integral Fasteners

Sheet Metal Seams

Tab and Slot Assemblies


Tog-L-Loc (Link)

Types of Fits

  • Running or sliding (clearance)
  • Location Fit
  • Interference Fit
  • Force fit
  • Shrink fit

Snap Joints

  • Cantilever Snap Joint
  • Torsion Snap Joint
  • Annular Snap Joint

Discrete Fasteners

Threaded Fasteners

  • Wood screws
  • Bolts, Screws, and Nuts
  • Typical Screw Head Styles
  • Lag Screws
  • Bolt Types
  • Nuts
  • Acorn and High Hex Nuts
  • Nuts
  • Tool Clearances
  • Washers
  • Cap Screws
  • Shoulder Screws
  • Set Screws
  • Self-Tapping Scews

Nonthreaded Fasteners

  • Rivets
  • Dowel Pins
  • Keys and Keyways
  • Retaining Rings

Vibratory Bowl Feeder

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