Engineering Design


TA660.J64 M468 2006 Integral Mechanical Attachment

Hydraulic Equipment

TJ840 .C85 2002 Fluid Power Circuits and Controls

TJ843 .Y43 1996 Fluid Power Design Handbook

TJ844 .J64 2002 Introduction to Fluid Power

Parker O-Ring Handbook (Full text PDF)

Machine Shop Equipment & Practices

TJ1160 .M66 1981 Machine Shop Practice

TJ1185 .T73 2000 Metal Cutting

TJ1187 .H36 1989 Handbook of Jig and Fixture Design

TJ1187 .L69 1986 Low Cost Jigs and Fixtures

TJ1189 .S36 2002 Computer Numerical Control

TJ1280 .H425 2007 Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels

TJ1280 .M293 2008 Grinding Technology

Electrical & Electronics

TK5103.592.F52 Fiber Optics: Principles and  Practices



TA479.S7 S677 1994 Stainless Steel

TA480.A6 A6177 1993 ASM Specialty Handbook: Aluminum

TA480.L4 G87 2000 Engineering Properties and Applications of Lead Alloys

TA480.Z6 P67 1991 Zinc Handbook

Copper and Copper Alloys

Engineering Properties and Applications of Lead Alloys

Ferrous Metals: Steel and Cast Iron

Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys

Nickel, Cobalt, and Their Alloys

Steel Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist

Titanium and Titanium Alloys: Fundamentals and Applications

Clay, Ceramics and  Glass

QD575.G53 P76 2005 Properties of Glass-Forming Melts

TA455.C43 B46 2001 Engineering Ceramics

TP807 .B37 1997 Fundamentals of Ceramics

TP860.5 .F53 2010 Fiberglass and Glass Technology

Polymers & Polymer Manufacture

Basics of Troubleshooting in Plastics Processing

TP1175.E9 G55 2005 Extrusion: The Definitive Processing Guide & Handbook

Plastics Extrusion Technology Handbook

Thermoforming: A Plastics Processing Guide

Production Management

T50 ?  Basic Metrology for ISO 9001 Certification

T50 .F36 2007 Handbook of Dimensional Measurement

T50.M423 The Metrology Handbook

TS156.2 .K46 1987 Inspection and Gaging: A Training Manual

TS178.4 .B66 2005 Assembly Automation and Product Design

TS178.4 .H63 1996 Setup Reduction Through Effective Workholding


Separating Processes

TS183.B46 Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes

Bulk Processes

TN695 .S29    Powder Metallurgy: Science, Technology and Applications

TS225 .C63 2004 Cold and Hot Forging

TS255 .E78 2006 Extrusion

TS255 .S24 2000 Aluminum Extrusion Technology

Sheet & Tube Processes

TJ1191 .C37 2004 Laser Cutting Guide for Manufacturing

TJ1300 .B46 1997 Press Brake Technology

TH6711 .M55 2003 Tube Forming Processes

TS205 .H33413 1998 Metal Forming Handbook

TS340 .R5857 2005 Roll Forming Handbook

TS250 .B815 2004 Sheet Metal Forming and Die Design

TS253 .P3 2006 Die Design Fundamentals

TS253 .S79 2006  Handbook of Die Design


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