Lab – Gage R&R

Part 1 – ASTM F1469

Materials & Equipment

  • Print out a copy of ASTM F1469 from the UM Library access.
  • Decimal Rulers
  • Yellow plastic “workpieces” Numbered 1-10
    • Length Specifications: USL = 2.50 and LSL = 2.00


  • Familiarize yourself with the ASTM standard
  • Calibrate the equipment before beginning the R&R study
  • Perform a three operator, three trial R&R using ten samples
    • For each trial, one person will take measurements, and another will record the data.
    • The person taking measurements should not be shown their previous readings.
    • Follow the procedure in the standard, section 5
    • Record values to TWO DECIMAL PLACES
    • Be sure to randomize the samples on second reading.
  • Enter the data in the data sheet as the samples are evaluated.
  • Calculate Gage R&R as described in Fig. 4 of the standard

Gage RR

Use the holder to keep track of which sample is which.  DO NOT MIX THEM UP.  Sample numbers MUST be the same between operators and trials.


Fill in Figure 1 as required by the assignment.  ASK if you are not sure what to do!


Part 2 – Minitab

Using the same data from Part 1, perform the same analysis with Minitab.  You will need to determine what type of Gage R&R applies.

Compare your results with those from Mintab and explain any discrepancies.

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