TCo Introduction



Welcome to Tiger Company.

Tiger company is a fictitious small company that manufactures small-scale precision products.  You have just been hired as a manufacturing engineer in their newly formed pocket knife division.  Among other things, you are responsible for various duties associated with their new product line: the M-Series Knife.   Marketing has identified a need for a knife with a handle and blade that can be easily customized for various customer requirements. Additionally, the company is considering seeking FDA approval of these knives for use as surgical instruments.  This knife is not yet in production, but some work has been done on developing a prototype.  Marketing wants to do a pilot production of 2,000 units.  Following the pilot, marketing expects to sell 10,000 units per year.  The files you see here were left behind by the previous manufacturing engineer.

You will be assigned various tasks (through lab assignments) related to the production of this knife.





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