Homework Assignments

Lathe Review Lab

ANSI Tool Signature

Carbide Insert Model

Engraving Cutter and Holder

Dovetail Cutter by Clickspring (video)(dwg)

Dashpot Project

Deburring Tool (presentation)

Coat rack fixture – Center of gravity

Hibachi Project

Mini Design Questions

  • What is the radius of an array of 38 holes that are 1.5 inches apart (Diacro)?
  • What angle could a .250 SHCS x 1.5 be inserted into a 1″ square tube x .083 wall if the diameter is ___?
  • captuer

Die Design

AS BUILT DIESET (Reverse Engineer)

Progression Layout

Specify & Source Punches and Die Buttons

Specify  & Source Springs and Retainers

Shearing Force Calculation

Center of Pressure Calculation

Clearance Calculation

Punch and Die Design

Stripper/lifter Design

Specify & Source Shoulder Screws, SHCS, Dowel Pins

Specify  & Source Die Set

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