4476 Assignments

CMM Inspection 1

CMM Inspection 2

Maze Problem

CNC Sharpie

Cutter Compensation

Lathe – Canned Cycle with Excel

Hot Wire Cutting (set work offsets)

*NX – Set T and H, Speed and Feed

*Calculate Speeds, speeds, axial/radial d.o.c.

Tool Diameter compensation

Realize – AutoCAD Engraving

Hot Wire Cutting – EDM CAM

Engraving with AutoCAD

Engraving Text with G47 (Video)

4th Axis Engraving (Video)


  • Model Components (Top Down)
  • Model Assembly
  • Model Manufacturing Setup Assemblies
  • Mill & Drill Nozzle
  • Machine Heater Block
  • Turn Nozzle
  • Turn Heatsink
  • Heatsink Engraving

Bottle Opener

Drilling Spreadsheet

Lathe Spreadsheet

  • CTS Punch

Injection Mold Project



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