Chemistry & Materials Science

Material Science (nptelhrd)

Mechanical Properties of Steel (hadeshia123)

Metallurgy – Principles of Physical Metallurgy (nptelhrd)

Metallurgy – Environmental Degradation of Materials (nptelhrd)

Metallurgy – Metals and Alloys (bhadeshia123)

Metallurgy – Modern Steel Products (hadeshia123)

Metallurgy – Steel making (nptelhrd)

Physics of Materials (nptelhrd)

Polymer Science and Technology (nptelhrd)

Principles of Chemical Science (MIT OCW)

Solid State Chemistry (MIT OCW)

The World of Chemistry (Learner.org)

Computer and Electrical

Introduction to PLCs (Part 1, Part 2)

CS Unplugged


Algebra: In Simplest Terms (Learner.org)

Against All Odds – Inside Statistics (Learner.org)

Calculus Revisited: Calculus of Complex Variables (MIT OCW)

Calculus Revisited: Multiple Variable Calculus (MIT OCW)

Calculus Revisited: Single Variable Calculus (MIT OCW)

Geometry (Khan Academy)

Highlights of Calculus (MIT OCW)

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing Processes (nptelhrd)

Control of Manufacturing Processes (MIT OCW)

Dynamics of Machines (nptelhrd)

Design for Manufacturing (Scott Miller)

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods (MIT OCW)

Kinematics of Machines (nptelhrd)

Manufacturing Processes I (nptelhrd)

Processing of Nonmetals (nptelhrd)

Six Sigma (nptelhrd)

Technology of Surface Coating (nptelhrd)

Welding Engineering (nptelhrd)


Applied Mechanics (nptelhrd)

Engineering Mechanics (nptelhrd)

Physics I: Classical Mechanics with Dr. Lewin (MIT OCW)

Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism (MIT OCW)

The Mechanical Universe (Learner.org)

Tribology (nptelhrd)



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