Sector of a Hollow Cylinder

See note below

Create a model of the hollow cylinder sector shown.  Build the model such that no matter what dimensions are given for L and Theta, the model will oriented with the Absolute CSYS at its center of mass.  Hint: Use expressions, use symmetrical extrusion. (Note: In order to get NX to return Theta as radians, use RADIANS(Theta).

Verify that the center of mass is:

Xcbar, Ycbar, Zcbar   =   -0.00000000000,    0.00000000000,    0.00000000000

For several values of R, L, and Theta.

NOTE: Change the 38.1972 to 2/3 and use theta in radians (the 38.1972 is 2/3 * 180/pi).

Something like: 2/3*sin(theta)*(R2^3-R1^3)/(radians(Theta)*(R2^2-R1^2))

If you are interested, here is the full story.

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