Here are links to equipment manuals for equipment in the labs:

Bransonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

Caswell Anodizing Station

DiAcro Bender

Enco Bandsaw

Enco Min Lathe

Epilog Mini 40

  • Owner’s Manual
  • Kerf width for .25 light ply is .010
  • Kerf width for .25 MDF if .010

Fanuc LR Mate

Fowler 57-230 Universal Test Center

Haas TM-1

Haas TL-1

Hypertherm Powermax 30 Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm Powermax 45 Plasma Cutter

Objet Alaris 30

Chop Saw

  • MSC #:00466227  Cutoff Wheels | Wheel Diameter (Inch): 10 | Wheel Thickness (Inch): 3/32 Arbor: 5/8
  • Or at Home Depot

CTS Ironworker

Jet Bandsaw

  • MSC #:70475710  Band Saw blade $26.23

Jet Lathes

McEnglevan Furnace

Miller Multimatic 200

South Bend Lathes

Starret 2 Face Angle Plate

Super Scribe

Vickers Hydraulic Trainer

Victor Oxyfuel Cutting and Welding Kit

Wilton Square Wheel Belt Grinder


Tools and Tooling in the Machine Shop Labs

TM-1 Tool Numbers and Holder Assignments

Shielding Gas



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