Selection Criteria and Calculation of Speeds and Feeds


Reading Assignment

  • 20.1 Introduction to Machining
  • 20.2 Machining Fundamentals
  • 21.1 Introduction to Cutting Tools for Machining
  • 21.2 Cutting-Tool Materials

Recommended Reading

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Optimizing Machining Efficiency

Time is Money

Main Trade-off

Major Factors

Work Material

  • Machinability Rating
    • Tool Life
    • Power Consumption
    • Surface Finish
  • Microstructure can affect machinability
  • Surface condition
  • These differences can occur in the same piece of metal

Tool Material

  • Carbon Steel
  • HSS
    • Can retain hardness at temps up to 1,000°F
    • Alloyed with W, Mo, Cr, V, and C
  • Tool Steels
  • Coated and Uncoated Carbides
  • Ceramics
  • Polycrystaline Diamonds
Insert-Style Tooling
Insert Shapes/Strength
Insert Identification System (ANSI B212_4)
3 Primary Parameters
  • Cutting Speed
  • Feed Rate
  • Depth of Cut

Cutting Speed Formulas

Set RPM from known cutting speed and diameter
Find cutting speed from known RPM and Diameter

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