Lab – Application: DC8 Drawing

Commands to know:

  • AREA

To do:

Even with CAD, you still need to know how to do geometric construction.  The PDF below is an excerpt from the NASA document: DC-8, Airborne Laboratory Experimenter Handbook. Draw the outer envelope of the fuselage cross-section (it will consist of two arcs). Create a polyline from the circles. NOTE: The distance between the two arc centers is not given on the drawing. You will need to deduce this distance by geometric construction.

Determine the cross-sectional area (in square inches) of the aircraft at the location of this cutting plane.

NASA DC8 Airborne Laboratory.PDF

Indicate the cross-sectional area, the radius of each arc, and the distance between the arcs  on your drawing.  Plot your drawing and turn it in.  Be sure to type your name in the upper-right corner.

Save your work as “lab_8_yourlastname.dwg”

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