Carbide Insert Model

Create a 3D solid CAD model of a carbide insert that complies with ANSI B212.4.

ANSI B212.4-2001 – Please feel free to find this in the UM library.  Ask me about finding it (it’s in the reference section).  Tools can also be defined using the ISO Standard.

Here is a quick look at the code (…) UM Students, see also

Documents Page


  • The model must not be round or square (Type R or S).
  • The filename for the model will inlcude your last name and the insert designation. For example: hewitt_SNCN432ER4.
  • All sketch geometry must be fully constrained.
  • Generate a working drawing of the insert you modeled.

Note: The standard leaves room for a variety of design decisions.  Use your own discretion when making these decisions, but be prepared to defend your decision.

Example insert designation: CNMG432ERP3

Example Inserts:


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