03 Expressions


First use the expression editor to create the expressions as described below. Then create a model of the I section shown here. Use the bottom (simpler) section.

  • The section must be centered such that the center (centroid) lies at the origin of the model.
  • The profile must be oriented such that the X axis is horizontal.
  • Name your file HW03_UUID.prt (units are inches).

Create the following expressions: b, d, s, t, and h.

  • d will control the overall height, enter a value of 3 for now.
  • b is half of d
  • s is 1/8 of b
  • t is equal to s
  • h is 2*s less than d
    • Note: Do not use h to control geometry.

Extrude the section 3 times longer than the height (d).

Turn in TWO types of files.

  1. Your NX part file with filename:  HW03A_UUID.prt
  2. Screenshots showing the following:
    • Your completed part navigator structure
    • Your properly defined sketch
    • The Section Properties (MOI, Area, etc.)
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