Hibachi Grill Project



This project is designed to give students hands-on experience in product realization

  • Provide experience in bringing a design concept to working drawings, process analysis, fixture design, and production.
  • Develop sheet metal flat patterns for bent components using appropriate bend allowances.
  • Develop sheet metal flat patterns of intersecting cones and cylinders.
  • Design fixtures for bending operations, punching operations, and welding operations.
  • Develop graphic,  written and verbal skills by writing illustrated work instructions.


Below is a preliminary sketch of a small hibachi grill.  Your job is to bring this product from concept to production.  All components are to be made from a single sheet of 16 gauge steel sheet.


Packet 1 – A set of working drawings for each component and sub-assembly.  Welded sub-assemblies should have proper weld notes.  Drawings must conform to industry standards (ASME/ANSIN Y14.5M).  All dimensions must have a tolerance.  These should be turned in as a packet of drawings, stapled in the upper-left corner, cover sheet and letter of transmittal attached.  Also in the packet should be a cutting pattern of all components nested on a single sheet.  Components must be assigned a part number.

Paper/cardboard mockup.  A full-scale cardboard mockup of the product is to be produced from your drawings in Packet 1.

Packet 2 – Working drawings for all fixtures.  All operations must be made in fixtures of some kind.  Production must be done without measuring or manual positioning.  For simple clamp-on stops and similar fixturing, a partial work instruction will suffice.

Packet 3 – Illustrated work instructions for four operations.  Work instruction should be written for untrained personnel. These include temporary employees, cross-training employees, and employees filling in for the regular operator.

Update 2-1-12:

The preliminary layout revealed that a small design change would yield a significant material savings as shown below:

Update 2-10-2012

Grill print has been revised, the AutoCAD file is available below.

Here are some of the significant changes to this version.

  • All bends (except those for the feet) have been standardized to produce a .500 flange.
  • Angle shapes have been standardized to .886 shear width.
  • Grill hanger and grate hanger were not made identical.  This permitted a significant material savings.
  • Note: number of shearing ops can be reduced by 6 if all grill rails are sheared to length together.

Grill_hibachi AutoCAD Drawing

Grill Version 2015 A

Grill Version 2015 C

2016 Hibachi Rev a (punch grate version)

Hibachi 2019A – Integrated Handle

Hibachi 2019B – Widened Slots

Hibachi 2019C – Widened slots even more

KB Bracket

Hypertherm Powermax 30 Nozzle

  • Kerf width in 16 Gage steel is .035

CNC File for cutting slots in fixture (check tool number)

CNC File for engraving material placement (check tool number)

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