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Homework Assignment

  • Prepare for Senior Test
  • Begin to assemble your final report.  It is due: _________

QUALIFICATIONS  Normally this section would include an explanation of your qualifications, work experience, education, and certification, to complete this project.  Since this is an academic exercise this section will be used to demonstrate the integrative and capstone nature of the project.  Consequently, in this section list each course you have taken at the University that provided you with the skills and knowledge to complete this project.  Next to each course specify the topic(s) that was covered in that course and how it will apply to the project.  Work or military related experience should also be included, but in narrative form.



Topics Covered

Skills Application

Table 2  Summary of Relevant Educational Background


FACILITIES, EQUIPMENT and MATERIALS  Describe the equipment, computer hardware/software, and human resources needed to complete the project.  Specify the parts and equipment that will be used, and people who will assist in implementation.

Part Name Part Number Company Quantity Price Availability Shipping Time/Cost Cost to Student Supplied by U of M or Company

Table 3  Summary of Cost Expenditures





Table 4  Summary of Human Resource Requirements


EVALUATION  What measure(s) will you and I employ to evaluate your success at reaching the objectives of
the project?  How will you document your success?  Each project must be demonstrated in person to the instructor of record or his/her designee.  The success must also be documented on paper to be included in the final written project report.



Measure of Success

Documentation of Success

This should match the bullet list in the introduction.

How will you determine if that objective has been met?

What evidence will be provided in the final technical report?

Table 5  Summary of Criteria Defining Success


LIMITATIONS  These include both limitations on the scope of your project, (i.e. you are building a better wheel, not a better car) and, on the limitations of the equipment, software, computers, capital, and expertise available to you.  Give this section serious consideration.  Consider all the things that are project related that can go wrong.  Do not include the potential problems for you personally such as illness, accident, job relocation, etc. (Remember equipment can break, assigned duties at work can change, and a faculty member can take ill…)  What is your back-up plan?



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