Reverse Engineering


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Reverse Engineering

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Capturing Geometry

  • 2D, 3D
  • CMM
  • Laser Scanner
  • CT Scanner

Point Clouds


Mimics Mimics is software specially developed by Materialise for medical image processing. Use Mimics for the segmentation of 3D medical images (coming from CT, MRI, microCT, CBCT, Ultrasound, Confocal Microscopy) and the result will be highly accurate 3D models of your patient’s anatomy. You can then use these patient-specific models for a variety of engineering applications directly in Mimics or 3-matic, or export the 3D models and anatomical landmark points to 3rd party software, like statistical, CAD, or FEA packages. ( (video)(quick, overview video)

Researchers Recreated Stradivarius Violin – A team of experts has created a reproduction of a 1704 Stradivarius violin, using computed tomography imaging and advanced manufacturing techniques,  stated in a press release from the Radiological Society of North America.

New At The Dentist: 3D Printing “Dental Crowns While You Wait”
The trip to the dentist just got a little less painful, at least in terms of time spent there. A new system is being used by a handful of dentists to scan patients’ teeth and create crowns for them while they wait. A process that normally takes two weeks, now only takes an hour.


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