History of CAD Industry and Technology.


Recommended Reading


Pre-Computer Era

Manual Drafting

Mainframe Era

Sketchpad (Ivan Sutherland, MIT)


Master Model

In-House Systems

Automotive, Aerospace

General Motors -> DAC1

Avions Marcel Dassault ->  CATIA

CAM Systems

(See analog computer series of videos)

Commercial Systems

Peripherals begin to be developed and marketed

Digitizers, Plotters

1972 a typical system cost $150,000, with additional stations costing around $50,000

2D to 3D modeling (early on, then later)

Wireframe to Solid modeling

The PC Era

1980’s Advances

The PC

Mainstream CAD Packages

AutoCAD (& Inventor)

Solid Works

In-Class Assignment



Weisberg, David . The Engineering Design Revolution — The People, Companies and Computer Systems That Changed Forever the Practice of Engineering 2008 <http://www.cadhistory.net>

Ivan Sutherland’s Dissertation



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