Progressive Die – Clip

A progressive die set has been installed on the hydraulic press. You will use this press to make a single clip for your team. Measure the part and record your dimensions. Use the material thickness as the inside radius.

Each individual will do the following:

  • Create a working drawing of the finished part (use CAD).
  • Create a working drawing of the part in its unbent condition (a flat pattern). Show bends as hidden lines with a leader stating “BEND UP 90°.”
  • Create a working drawing of the strip. Include a station that shows where the bends will take place.
  • NOTE: Each working drawing (“print”) must be dimensioned properly. You may use the CAD software of your choice.
This is an example of an un-dimensioned strip progression

Using your drawings, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the volume of metal in the finished part?
  2. How much metal is thrown away for each part produced?
  3. What percentage of the material is used to produce a finished part?
  4. How much force is used to punch the material?
  5. How much force is used to bend the part (this is wipe bending)?
  6. If steel costs $3800 per ton, how much would it cost to produce 100,000 clips?

For reference, here is a working drawing of a die set assembly:
Cable Bracket Die (DWG)

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