TECH 1521 – Graphics and Descriptive Geometry

This course is intended to be an introduction to engineering graphics.  The curriculum is designed as a freshman-level course within for a four-year Engineering Technology program.  Topics include:  Orthographic projections, sections, pictorials; drafting with instruments, sketching, and introduction to computer aided drafting. Auxiliary views and revolutions, profiles, vector graphics and developments.

Assigned Text

Course Outline

Master outline

  1. General Introduction
  2. Introduction to AutoCAD
  3. Drawing Instruments and Scales
  4. Lettering
  5. Geometry Review
  6. Geometric Construction
    • TEST 1
  7. Orthographic Projection
  8. Auxiliary Views
  9. Sections
    • TEST 2
  10. Dimensioning
  11. Working Drawings
  12. Three-Dimensional Pictorials
    • TEST 3
  13. Descriptive Geometry
  14. Intersections and Developments
  15. Contour Maps & Applications

COMPREHENSIVE FINAL EXAM (Sample Graphical Problems)

Lab Assignments

Homework Assignments

Design Projects

Additional Information


UM Course Documents (private)

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