Parabolic Trough Solar Collector

Design and build a parabolic trough solar collector.

Here are some patents related to parabolic troughs.

To refresh your memory of how to define a parabola.

Materials that can be laser cut

  • .220 thick acrylic
  • .060 thick acryilc
  • .25 mdf
  • Foam Core Board

You may also use:

.125 x 1 flat bar (HRS)

.125 x 2 flat bar (HRS)

1.0 Diameter Round Aluminum Bar (6061-T6)

1 x 2 Alminum (6061-T6)

.5 inch EMT Conduit

See this page for machine capabilities.   Don’t design something you can’t build.

Must be able to be positioned manually to point directly at the sun (be ready to explain how you could add motors to track the sun).

The collector will be defined for you.

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