Beam Diagrams Homework


Create a spreadsheet with two worksheets, one for a simply supported beam with a uniformly distributed load (diagram 1) and another for a cantilever with with a concentrated load at the free end.  The spreadsheet needs to meet the following criteria:

  1. You will state any assumptions clearly.
  2. The beam will be rectangular in cross-section.
  3. User will enter values for the following:
    • Load intensity (weight per unit length)
    • Length of span
    • E
    • Base and height of beam cross-section (see note 2).
  4.  User entry fields will be shaded green with a bold border.
  5. Spreadsheet will calculate all of the values on the beam diagram.
  6. Spreadsheet will also calculate:
    • Section modulus
    • Maximum bending stress
    • Shear stress at an arbitrary plane (user enters ybar)
    • Maximum shear stress
  7. All fields (input/output) will be clearly labeled with units.
  8. Include a labeled diagram of the beam and cross-section (you may cut and paste).
  9. Name your file LASTNAME_BEAMS.xls

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