4472 Computer-Aided Design (NX)

Image: A. Stacey, J. Odell, E. Turner (Fall 2010)

Overview of CAD technology, hardware and software options; parametric solid modeling principles; applications to produce computer generated models, assemblies, photo-realistic renderings and working drawings. Texts (see also: TECH 1521)

Reminder:  There is a free, online textbook available online (NX10 For Engineering Design).  You probably want to save it to your flash drive.

Assigned Work

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Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. NX Environment
  3. 3D Modeling and Viewing
    1. Basic CAD Terminology
    2. Feature-Based Modeling (CSG)
    3. Sketch-Based Modeling (Brep)
    4. Solid Modeling Tools and Techniques
  4. Part Families
  5. History of CAD Technology and Industry
  6. Product Design and Development
    • Intellectual Property
    • Product Liability

      TEST 1

  7. Assembly Modeling
  8. Drafting
  9. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  10. Sheet Metal Design
  11. Advanced Modeling and Visualization
    1. Law Curves
    2. Rapid Prototyping

      TEST 2

    3. Rendering and Visualization
    4. CMM Concepts & Reverse Engineering
    5. Introduction to CAM
    6. Introduction to ONSHAPE.com
    7. 3d Printing & Additive Mfg.
    8. *Finite Element Analysis
    9. *Programming Interfaces
    10. *Free-Form Surface Modeling
* Subjects that will be covered if time permits

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Additional Information

Course YouTube Playlist

Basic NX5 Tutorial Videos

Basic NX8.5 Tutorial Videos

Basic NX9.0 Tutorial Videos

Basic NX10.0 Tutorial Videos

Basic NX 11 Tutorial Videos

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Product Development Process (old version)

Product Lifecycle Management