TECH 1711 – Manufacturing Processes 1

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This course is intended to be an introduction to basic metalworking processes.  The curriculum is designed as a freshman-level course within for a four-year Engineering Technology program.  Topics include:  Metal manufacturing processes, including traditional machining, computer numerical control, and thermal metal cutting/joining; measurement, layout, and inspection techniques as applied to integrated manufacturing systems.

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Course Outline

Course Introduction

1. Introduction to machine tool technology

2. Measurement, layout inspection, and setup tools and procedures

3. Safety in the machine shop and in industry

4. Metal classification, metallurgy, and heat treatment.

Test 1

5. Lathe types and turning operations

6. Selection criteria and calculation of speeds and feeds

7. Milling

8. Threads and threading considerations

9. Abrasives, grinding wheels and abrasive machining

Test 2

10. Cutting fluids

11. Sawing, broaching and filing operations

12. Drilling and Related Hole-Making Processes

13. CNC principles

14. Electrical Discharge Machining

15. Thermal Joining processes and Techniques

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