4462 – Process Capability with Minitab

Assessment rubric for this assignment

In lab 2 each student constructed a working drawing of a roller bearing.

The file below is data collected from a study of the products produced by four different machines.  The data are organized into 25 subgroups of five each.  Your task is to evaluate each machine based on the specifications on your print.

Machine Trials 4

The cost of each machine is as follows:

  • Machine 1 = $124,000
  • Machine 2 = $98,000
  • Machine 3 = $104,000
  • Machine 4 = $324,000
  • The material cost of each part is $2.00
  • The selling price is $9
  • Parts that are too large can be re-ground at an additional cost of $3.00 each
  • An average of 12,000 units are made and sold each month

Part 1

Use the DIAMETER specifications from your roller bearing drawing to evaluate each of the three different machines.  Use Minitab to create the following for each machine:

See Minitab: Getting Started

  1. Histogram
  2. Create a control chart (Xbar and R)
  3. Do capability analysis (Determine Cp and Cpk)
  4. Capability Six Pack

Part 2

Write a report summarizing your findings.  What is the goal?  What assumptions are you making? Can you make any assumptions that might reveal opportunities beyond what the data currently shows? Include your print as well as the most pertinent information you got from Part 1.  Which machine do you recommend?  You might consider a chart and/or graph showing the potential for each machine.  What happens to the cost of scrap and rework as the process center changes. Should further testing be done?  Your report must be formatted professionally and should include a title page.

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