Lab – Using AutoCAD Productively


Do a drawing of the extruder control panel: TX-007 (component only, no dimensions or border).

Commands to know:

  • COPY
  • TRIM
  • ‘CAL (transparent command)

To do:

DEMO VIDEO 1 (AucoCAD 2005)
DEMO VIDEO 2 (AutoCAD 2005)

Draw a rectangle 10″ wide by 7.5″ tall.

Put your name in the upper left hand corner.

Draw (to scale) six inches of a standard “school” type ruler. Make the smallest division 1/16 of an inch. Be sure to label each inch with a number. Label this scale “16” (see problem 1 on homework sheet 002).

Draw a ruler that an architect could use to measure feet and inches on a drawing that was drawn at 3/8 inch = 1 foot. Make the smallest division 1 foot. Label this scale 3/8. (see problem 2 on homework sheet 002).

Draw a metric ruler that an engineer could use to measure a full scale metric drawing (see problem 1 on sheet 003)

Save your drawing as “lab_4_yourlastname.dwg”
Plot the drawing 1:1 and turn it in.

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