Working Draing – Barrel Block

On the standard border you created, draw a working drawing of the barrel block.

It is the machined aluminum block you see in the photo below.

Barrel Mount

It is made from 6061 T6511 Aluminum and is 1″ thick by 2″ wide by 4.5″ long.  The steps on the side are .5 thick. The holes on the center pad are designed to work with the plate you did in the previous exercise. The center pad has the same outside dimensions as the barrel plate.  The counterbore in the center is 1.03 in diameter by .25 deep.  The thru hole in the center is .75 inches in diameter.  All eight of the small holes are drilled and tapped to .25-20 UNC.  The four on the outside are 3.5 between centers by 1.0 between centers.


Be sure to fully dimension the drawing.  You must include one of the following section views in your drawing: either 1) a broken-out section of the counterbore, or 2) use a section view for the front view.

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