4462 Lab – Standards and Working Drawings

Assume that you are an engineer for Hi-Mu bearing company.  Your department supplies rollers to an internal customer, namely the bearing assembly unit.  Demand has exceeded your department’s ability to supply to your customer, so you are going to outsource to a contract manufacturer.  You will use the dimensions from the previous lab as the exact size of roller bearing you want to produce.  You can use any CAD software you like.

  • You may use this AutoCAD Border
  • The drawing must conform to ASME Y14.5M – 1994
  • The drawing will dictate design requirements in accordance with ASTM F2511 (2013).
  • UM Student Access to ASTM standards (you will need this)
  • Roller is Type II – Flat end

Indicate the following on the print:

  • Diameter & Tolerance (USE LIMIT DIMENSIONS)
  • Length & Tolerance
  • Chamfer
  • Hardness
  • For material use note: MATERIAL: TO BE SUPPLIED BY HI-MU BEARING CO.
  • Visual appearance note (see F2511, section 9.1)
  • Roughness
  • For packaging use note: PACKAGE IN CUSTOMER PACKAGING




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