CNC Sharpie Lab

Outcomes: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate student understanding of G Code syntax, absolute coordinate mode, tool length compensation.

Instructions: Write a program that uses a felt-tipped pen to draw your initials (two or three letters)

  • Bounding box is 6 inches wide by 4 inches tall
  • You must use arcs in both letters.  Minimum three arcs. Must include a G03 and G02.
  • The origin (G59) is located in the exact center of the 6×4  bounding box.
  • Your initials must be centered in the bounding box.
  • NO ramping.
  • Your program MUST have at least one each of R style and IJK style arcs.
  • Your program MUST have at least one G02 and one G03
  • Name your program UUID_INITIALS.CNC

Use notepad or a similar ASCII editor program (not a word processor).

Use the standard mill header.

Ask me how to simulate your program on the controller.

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