4476 Maze Lab

You will be given a drawing of a maze from the maze collection (link).  Feel free to print an extra copy to work on. Program a path through the maze using G01 commands.  Be sure your program has the appropriate safety header and finishes  1″ above the paper.

  • You will determine where the origin is.
    • 25% will be deducted if you do not know where your origin is.
  • Be sure to indicate where the origin is on your drawing.
  • The units are inches.
  • Drawing height is Z0.0
  • Jumping height is Z0.5
  • Ramping is prohibited.
  • 20% will be deducted for going to x0 y0 if that point is not on your actual path.
  • Absolute coordinates only.
  • Name your file uuid_MAZE.CNC (use your UUID (NOT your student ID).
  • Use notepad to make an ASCII text file.
  • Complete a program documentation sheet and turn this in with your file. No programs will ever be accepted without a program documentation sheet.

Print out the maze you are going to use, then decide where the origin will be (Call it G59).  Measure the maze to get your coordinates.  Bring the printed maze to lab.  You may use only absolute coordinates.


Use this header: Standard Mill Header


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