CNC Tooling and Toolholders


Prerequisite Course Material

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Tooling Materials

Ferrous Tooling Materials

High Speed Steel (HSS)

Nonferrous Tooling Materials

  • Carbides (See and TECH 1711)
    • ISO Machining Groups
      • P (blue) Steel, Cast Steel
      • M (yellow) Steel, Cast steel, austenitic steels
      • K (Red) Cast iron, hardened steel, nonferrous metals
    • JIC Grades
      • C1
      • C2
      • Etc.  The higher the number, the harder.
  • Cermets (TiC and TiN) in a cobalt binder
  • Polycrystalline Diamond

Mill Tooling


  • End Mill
  • Face Mill
  • Fly Cutter
  • Taps and tapping heads
  • Boring Bar
  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • Probes
  • Edge Finders & Wigglers

Mill Toolholders

Tapered Tool Holders

CAT, DIN, BT, HSK, NMTB, Chiron and Morse taper

Example Taper Standard: ASME/ANSI B5.18

Milling Chucks & Holders

  • Collet Chucks
  • Milling Chucks
  • Heat Shrink
  • Weldon Shank
  • Shell Mill Holder
  • Arbors


Er Style (Er11-Er40)

Tg (Single Angle)

Da (Double Angle)

16C, 3j, 5c, Af, R8,

Drilling Holders

  • Morse Taper
  • Jacobs Chuck
    • Jacobs Taper

Retention Knobs

  • Many different types, Be sure to use the EXACT type specified by the machine tool builder.
  • NEVER Mix metric and inch knobs

Lathe Toolholding

Rocker tool post

Quick-change tool post

Turret tool post

Bar pullers

Round Shaft Tool Holders

Shaft diameters in mm (30-60)

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