TECH 1521 – Graphics and Descriptive Geometry

Lecture Slides. Orthographic projections, sections, pictorials; drafting with instruments, sketching, and introduction to computer aided drafting. Auxiliary views and revolutions, profiles, vector graphics and developments.

TECH 1711 – Manufacturing Processes I

Lecture Slides and Videos. Metal manufacturing processes, including traditional machining, computer numerical control, and thermal metal cutting/joining; measurement, layout, and inspection techniques as applied to integrated manufacturing systems.

TECH 2908 – Applications of Technology

Investigation, analysis and problem solving solutions for various problems in Engineering

TECH 3401 – Statics and Strength of Materials

Lecture Slides. Force systems and their solution; that branch of mechanics dealing with forces and effects of forces including stress strain and deformation of bodies at rest; analysis of frames and mechanisms.

TECH 3421 – Manufacturing Processes II

Lecture Slides and Videos. Processes and techniques used to fabricate industrial materials into useful products; techniques covered include casting and molding, forming, separating, conditioning, assembling, finishing; process design and control.

TECH 4381 – Principles of Supervision

Practical approach to supervisory management including functions of planning, organization, staffing, employee motivation.

TECH 4462 – Quality Improvement

Lecture Slides. Statistical methods for quality analysis and improvement; control charts for variables and attributes, industrial sampling; defect prevention using the Poka-Yoke System; reliability; acceptance sampling; Quality standards, continuous improvement; use of computer software for data analysis and presentation.

TECH 4472 – Computer-Aided Design (NX)

Overview of CAD technology, hardware and software options; parametric solid modeling principles; applications to produce computer generated models, assemblies, photo-realistic renderings and working drawings. (archive)

TECH 4476 – Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Lecture Slides and Videos. Computer numerical control programming by manual data input and distributed numerical control by computer assistance; system assessment of CNC machines; components, controls, and tooling for integrated manufacturing environment.

TECH 4571 – Tool Design

Lecture Slides and Videos. Design of tooling and work holding systems for the integrated manufacturing environment; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, fast change-over techniques, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits, achieving world class quality through design.

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