TECH 4943 – Senior Project Planning Seminar

TECH 4943 – Senior Project Plan Seminar (1)
Methodology related to solving problems in engineering technology culminating in an integrative experience through individual and/or team projects and technical proposal with technical presentation. One lecture hour per week. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 3603, TECH 3440, students must be within two semesters of graduation, and permission of instructor.


Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction, Syllabus
  2. Soliciting Faculty/Outside Help
  3. Executive Summary (only 1 paragraph)
  4. Project Summary (Ex summary + elaboration)
  5. Graduation Files /Bibliography
  6. Proposal Introduction
  7. Plan of Work & Senior Test Review
  8. Qualifications, etc.
  9. Senior Test on Core Subjects (review video)
  10. Presentations – Dress appropriately

PROPOSAL GUIDELINES (DOCX) (Obsolete after Fall 2014)

TECH4943_Proposal_Guidelines-2b (PDF)



Good Sources:

Course Documents (private)

Project Ideas

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