Project Summary


Homework Assignment


PROJECT SUMMARY  The summary is an informative abstract of the proposal that briefly outlines the most important points.  It may contain a brief description of the problem, proposed solution and benefit.  You need to convince your reader that this project has value.  (250 word min 350 word max)

  • Your project begins with a coherent summary
  • Integrative
  • Not a knockoff
  • Not a kit
  • Not an existing project

You should be able to “unpack” your topic paragraph (executive summary) into a reasonable project summary of about 1.5 pages double spaced. This is what your faculty advisor will be approving.

Steps to success:

1) Make sure the executive summary is CLEAR and CONCISE.  It should make sense to someone who does not know about your project.

2) ANTICIPATE what questions the faculty member will ask.

3) ANSWER the questions as you develop your summary.

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