Product Lifecycle Management


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PLM – Product Lifecycle Management

Concept -> Sourcing -> Tooling -> Testing -> Production -> Sales & Distribution -> Maintenance -> Derived products -> Phase out

Product Lifecycle Curve

4 PLM Functions:

  1. Create, Share, Collaborate
    1. CAD Data (concurrent design)
    2. Material Specifications
    3. Quality-Related Documents
    4. Bills of Materials
  2. Project Management
    1. On Time
    2. On Budget
  3. Product Management
    1. Operations
    2. Service
    3. Customers
    4. Vendors/Supplier
  4. Portfolio Management
    1. Leverage assets and skills for agility, competitiveness
Regulatory compliance.
Federal Regulations FDA, EPA
State Regulations (CARB)
Voluntary Concensus Standards
Product Safety Standards (ANSI)
Underwriters Laboratories
Product Data Integrity is PARAMOUNT to all of these functions.



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