Design of Inspection and Gauging Tooling


Reading Assignment

  • FTD Chapter 9

Recommended Reading

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Advantages of Inspection Tooling

  • Fast
  • Can be used by workers with limited skill/training
  • Can be designed to simulate actual installation conditions

Disadvantages of Inspection Tooling

  • Some tolerance conditions can not be checked with hard tooling
  • Expensive
  • Not flexible, adaptable

Design Parameters

  • Must be made with to a level of accuracy exceeding that of the components they evaluate
  • Gagemaker’s Tolerance
    • Class XX
    • Class X
    • Class Y
    • Class Z

Gage Types

Profile Gage

  • Radius Gage
  • Screw Pitch Gage

Size Limit Gage

  • Go-No Go Plug gage
  • Go-No Go Ring gage
  • Snap Gage
  • Thread Roll Snap Gage
  • Feeler Gage
  • Flush Pin Gage

Limitations of Size-Limit Gages

  • Type I Error
  • Type II Error

Graduated Gauging

  • Dial Indicators
    • Limit flags
  • Integrating Dial Indicators into Gaging
    • Standard Indicator Stands
  • Inspecting for Flatness (FIM/TIR)
  • Inspection Profile of a Line with Dial Indicators
  • Electronic Gages
    • Encoders
  • Air Gages (pneumatic comparators)
  • Optical Gaging
    • Optical Comparator
    • Overlays
  • CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines)

Functional Gauging

  • MMC
  • Examples
    • Checking Perpendicularity
    • Checking Parallelism
    • Runnout (using OD Datum)
    • Bolt Hole Alignment


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